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Super Carpet Steamers

The Super clean line of products by bissell is a high-quality vacuum cleaner line that offers a sumner Carpet cleaner and a motor base only, these products are designed to clean carpets and other types of furniture, including states and and other types of carpets. The bissell products are made with high-quality materials and are sure to keep your carpets clean and hunting great.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Steamer

The be 1631 power steamer Carpet cleaner is a splendid tool for deep Carpet cleaning, it imparts a steamer arm that allows for gentle and wet cleaning while the motor ensures smooth performance and keeps the Carpet clean for many years. The bissell 1631 power steamer Carpet cleaner is a top-grade tool for lovers who desire to get their Carpet clean, the steamroller technology ensures that the Carpet is clean and order. The bissell 1631 power steamer Carpet cleaner is furthermore an excellent tool for people who itch to clean their motor and base alone, the shark Super steamer is a handheld hard surface steam cleaner that can be used for general cleaning or if you need to remove specific areas from your carpet. The steam arm can reach up to 10 feet and the steam cleaner can be plugged into an electrical outlet, the shark model is a sterling pet for general cleaning or if you need specific area’s for Carpet removal. The shark steamer is a best-in-class addition to your cleaning arsenal, this model is in like manner unrivaled for reaching deep into the carpeted areas, making it a splendid alternative for Super dirty jobs. With its soft-to-the-touch handle and rechargeable battery, the shark is excellent for busy households.