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Commercial Carpet Steamer

The vapor clean is a powerful steamer that can clean up your Carpet with just a few use, you can use it to clean everything from beige and brown Carpet to black and tile floors. The steamer makes use of vapor energy to clean up the air between the Carpet and the carpeting, and the technology helps to remove any dirt, oils, and waxes, overall, handheld steam cleaner multi-purpose electric portable steamer is designed for use in Commercial areas that need to be clean in a hurry.

VAPOR CLEAN PRO6 SOLO Steam Vapor Cleaner - Home and Commercial Use


By Vapor Clean


Commercial Carpet Steamer Amazon

The 1700 w Commercial Carpet steamer is a high pressure cleaning machine that is designed to clean up your Commercial areas quickly and easily, this machine can clean carpets in a variety of positions, making it a sensational surrogate for folks who use a large area of land each month. The high temperature steam technology makes it facile to clean carpets, and the high pressure system keeps the machine working for hours on end, the Commercial Carpet steamer is a powerful machine that is used to clean Carpet and other types of up- tempo winston-salem surface layers. The high pressure steam cleaner is specifically designed to clean carpets and other surface layers that are difficult or impossible to clean with other methods, this is done by using high pressure steam and heat to clean these layers. With its high-quality and durable construction, this machine is sterling for people who need to clean up a large area quickly, the steam-gel system can clean up carpets and other types of flooring with very little effort, so it's valuable for use in areas with difficult or rough surfaces. Additionally, the machine can be used for home cleaning as well, so you can clean up a large area at a time and get better results, lightweight and affordable steamer that can be used on carpets and other types of furniture. The steamer is able to clean quickly and effectively because it presents a holding area that is large enough to hold the steamer body and up to 10 nozzle tips that are adjustable to tailor different types of carpets, the steamer also offers a life of up to 8 hours on medium to high cleaning temperatures.