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Small Carpet Steamer

The Small Carpet steamer is a powerful engine that can clean up your carpets quickly and easily, this machine is Small enough to take on a trip to the store, and it can clean carpets and coin slots quickly and easily. The steamer is again so you can always have a clean carpets later.

Mini Carpet Steamer

This is a Small steam cleaner machine that can clean Small carpets up to a certain volume with just a vapor from the engine, it is good for steamed or steam-cured carpets, followed by a solution. This Small Carpet steamer is prime for steam cleaning surfaces! It is facile to handle and can be used for a variety of other upholstery steam cleaners as well, the engine produces a lot of steam, so it is gentle on carpets and can be used for a long time. The steamer also gives a built-in filter for removing all types of dust and dirt, the scunci hand held steam cleaner is a powerful and easy-to-use steam cleaner that is practical for cleaning tight spaces. This steam cleaner is equipped with a bag and accessories to make cleaning your home simple and easy, the hand-held steam cleaner is furthermore approved by the safety standards of the industry. This Small Carpet steamer is a first rate tool for cleaning Small areas like on carpet, upholstery, and tile, the steamer is gentle and can reach the most microscopic particles in a single impact hit. This tool can clean up difficult to clean areas like drips and blood, it is likewise automatic so you can keep an eye on the machine, making sure it is clean and free of debris.