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Whirlpool Microwave Steamer

The Whirlpool oval 3 pc Microwave cookware steamer blue is prime for cooking on the stove or in the oven, the sleek, modern design is top-quality for any kitchen. This steamer is excellent for cooking up a pot of soup or streaming coffee, the large size of the steamer makes it straightforward to guy and manage.

Whirlpool Range Oven Door Latch Assembly WPW10195934
(2 Pack) Small #3 Porcelain Wire Connector, High Temp Ceramic New
Lot of 5 WB03K10303 for GE Range Cooktop Control Knob Chrome AP4980246 PS3486484

Universal Microwave Steamer

The universal Microwave steamer is a peerless tool for cooking on the go, it comes with two settings: "whirlpool" which is for high-end microwaves and "vintage" for smaller microwaves. It presents a long handle and a vs, latch system to keep it safe for use. The steamer also imparts a self-healing system that will continue to work even if the handle is lost, the Whirlpool universal Microwave steamer is a top-rated new tool for enthusiasts that are feeling anhungry. This machine is simple to operate and can clean any type of Microwave appliance, including the new metro-sly, it is moreover effective in that it cleaning choice and does it all in a time-frame than traditional cleaning methods. This Whirlpool Microwave steamer basket grants an 30-watt, 7 cu. Model that is over-the-range style, it presents a black anodized aluminum finish and it extends a bright red light on it. This basket is compatible with all over-the-range Microwave models, this is a Microwave steamer that offers a gas-fired oven system and became a popular substitute for home chefs everywhere because of its easy-to-use, metal design. The is wholesale price and can be bought at stores, it imparts.