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Warner Wallpaper Steamer

If you're wanting for a splendid Wallpaper removal system, we've got one just for you! Our steamer is specifically designed to remove Wallpaper from your home, big or small spaces, where you need it the most! Plus, it can be useful in the office as well! So on the that searching for a Wallpaper removal system that can take your cleaning game up a notch, look no further.

Warner Lectric Wall Steamer Parts

The mfg, 8032 electric cord with gfci for 5687 wall paper steamer peerless for our needs. It presents a green'veco logo and the part number is 5687, we can't say enough about how first-rate this cord is and how invaluable it is for our needs. This is a machine company part number 8032 and is associated with the Wallpaper company, it comes in packs of two and is associated with the company's paper boat line. The part is used to move paper cups and milk from the boat deck to the customer's kitchen, this merchandise is all about technology and this electric cord with gfci is practical for boat and ship Wallpaper proponents. With it, you can create a steamer with any size of paper stock, and it uses only less power than an electric cord, this Wallpaper is produced with the help of the electric cord from the electric steam train. The cord is long and presents a green handle, it's used to add onto the look of the electric steam train by resting on the long cord and adding a futuristic look.