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Victorian Steamer Trunk

The 1800 s antique vintage steamer Trunk chest is a fun and effortless to wear piece for any Victorian wardrobe, it features a dome top chest with a comfortable padded arms and a stylish center chest. The top chest is superb for over a stylish dress or as a stylish addition to home decor.

Victorian Steamer Trunk Ebay

This steamer extends a victorian-era design with a with two straps that can be easily carried by your team, it is moreover equipped with include a number of storage positions, making it top-rated for bringing back memories of your past projects. This victoria steamer is an excellent example of an old steamer trunk, the top hump back arch is carved into the Trunk and is evidence of the centuries-old tradition of victoria steaming. The also features an all-uminium war memorial sword, inspired by the one on the front of the trunk, the arch is from the clapboard wall of the house, and the blade is manufactured from obsidian. The steamer is set with avictorian-style mahogany trunk, and is finished with a hardwood veneer, this Trunk is then topped with a modern-style capstone roof. The steamer is in excellent condition with no damage evident, this vintage steamer Trunk chest extends a beige exterior and inside. The steamer Trunk chest extends a comfortable feel to it and is first-rate for storing executive chemicals and other necessary office supplies, the humpback dome steamer is an excellent addition to all office. This is a top-notch vintage steamer Trunk that is filled with all the treasures of the Victorian era, the tray top is fabricated of camel humpback humpback top and is covered in script reading "victorian steamer truck". The Trunk is filled with memories of the times and antique Victorian steamer is a beneficial substitute to keep your home arsenal packed and ready for a day of gaming and photographed.