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Steamer Trunk Wardrobe

This cinch-top Wardrobe steamer Trunk 1920-1930 is a rare and antique substitute at an exceptional price, it comes with an 20-inch by 30-inch cinch top and a waistband to keep you from becoming too comfortable. The Wardrobe steamer Trunk 1920-1930 is manufactured from high-quality materials and is a splendid addition to all wardrobe.

Steamer Luggage

This vintage 1923 bon voyage Wardrobe Trunk catalog is an unrivaled addition to your locomotive home office, the catalog includes not only the steam locomotive's catalog. But also images of the locomotive's parts and accessories, the catalog is well-made and rare document from the era. This steamer Wardrobe Trunk is excellent for keeping your feelings in order! The deep wood hangers give you a place to put your feelings, and the drawer xl means you can have plenty of space to store your clothes, the fabric is sure to keep you wanting sleek, from top to bottom. This antique steamer Trunk with drawers is excellent for storing away your clothes and accessories, it is fabricated from high-quality wood, and it is sure to provide airlines with convenience and comfort. The vintage Wardrobe travel Trunk is excellent for use as a Wardrobe steamer, this Trunk is produced of hardwood with a nice zippered pocket, and it is furthermore big enough to hold a lot of clothing. The door is further big and soft to hold many clothes.