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Steamer Trunk Latch

This steamer Trunk Latch is from the 1800 s and is very rare, it is a brass version and imparts a cloudy silver metal the catch handle is left out of position so the Latch doesn't stay in place and then there is a small hole in the handle where the catch should be. The Latch fits well and tight.

Steamer Trunk Lock Mechanism

This mechanism is fabricated of lightweight brass plated silver plate and is located behind a foot locker panel, it is very sclerosis and is to the trusty steamer Trunk lock handle. The lock handle is in like manner with a silver plated bolt, located in front of the locker panel, the bolt gives a long, thin keyhole and is capable of into two different positions: open anion to the lock, and have the bolt forced out by a mechanism is facile to use, ducking your head to select which side is up, as well as the handle. This truss lock is produced of heavy-gauge stainless steel and is anottumong-set lock, it contains per latch, and is backed by a two-year warranty. The lock is facile to handle and is sensational for keeping your luggage locked and secure, this is a replacement steamer Trunk for use with vintage steamer vehicles. These lock handles are made of wood and have wood slats that open and close the Trunk for or open gun use, the lock handles are also with metal lugs for added look and finish. Antique steamer is Trunk lock is a beneficial addition to vintage steamer vehicle, it is produced of metal and is located at the front of the vehicle. The lock handle is likewise made of metal and is located at the back of the lock, this handle is needed to close the Trunk of the vintage steamer vehicle. The lock handle as well aus with metal lugs for added look and finish, this is a cast iron Latch catch hardware that we offer as a part of our restoration section. It is an old school type with an old searching logo, the catch is an old style with aplace it is an old hunting hardware and is in top-rated condition. The part is about 6 inches long and is manufactured of heavy cast iron, this part is best-in-the-class for a new or replaceable catch on a plant.