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Steam Genie Handheld Steamer

This Steam Genie presents an unique design where the metal hanger is adjustable to tailor most person's body size, the steamgenie's nozzle is efficient and grants a large target that can focus the air outstanding for Steam cleaning. The steamgenie's design is additionally body friendly with a removable censer that can be replaced without having to remove the Steam generated.

Cheap Steam Genie Handheld Steamer

The Steam Genie is a hand-held Steam steamroller that uses Steam and steams to clean up your clothing, keep your clothes clean and scouring top-notch with this first-class machine! The Steam Genie is a Handheld Steam cleaner that works great. It is a must-have for any steamy situation! The Steam Genie is a hand steamer that uses electric power to generate steam, this steamer is from the era of electric and can Steam up to 5 ama of water at a time. The Steam Genie is furthermore equipped with an anti-vibration system that helps to keep it moving, the Steam Genie is a hand steamer that was produced by the Steam company in the early 1960 it was essentially a modernized version of the steamroller, which is why it created a first-class deal of success in the steamiest of countries. The Steam generator is located at the front of the machine, and the Steam is drawn up to this location by a short electric cord that goes through a small hole in the top of the machine, the Steam is then drawn up to the machine's sides by a short electric cord also attached to the machine. It is not possible to operate this machine while it is steaming, as the Steam is pulled up by the short electric cord in turn.