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Rival Steamer

This beneficial for the home cook who loves the taste of food but can't bear the time to wash and chop, the fantastic tool for the task. The first-rate machine, the sensational gust of wind can change the course of a day.

Rival Steamer Rice Cooker

This is a powerful and straightforward to adopt Rival steamer rice cooker that is first-rate for when you want to steam rice, the steamer wand attachments attachments open box. It is fabricated from high-quality metal and it makes it basic to use, the Rival food steamer and rice cooker models are first-class for different types of rice or pasta. You can have an uncomplicated time trying new dishes without getting overwhelmed, the 4460 s offers an automatic shut-off that ensures your rice cooker is ready when you are, making it a fantastic time for dinner or breakfast. The Rival automatic steamer is an unequaled tool for steaming up to 10 cups of coffee at a time, it comes with a facial recognition system that helps you to name the cup and steaming method, and sets up into several automated tasks. The automatic steamer rice cooker models Rival steamer rice cooker model 4450 provide sterling texture and flavor to your rice dishes with ozone-friendly cooking elements, with its stylish design, this cooker is unequaled for people who enjoy cooking rice.