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Rival Handheld Garment Steamer

The Rival Handheld Garment steamer is a high-quality steamer that is first-rate for agitation and cleaning of clothing, this steamer is additionally excellent for storage, as it is small and straightforward to use.

Garment Steamer With Crease Attachment

This high-quality Garment steamer with crease attachment is first-rate for steaming off-the-peg clothes at home, it's lightweight and uncomplicated to move around, so you can get the job done quickly and easily. Best of all, it offers an easy-to-use crease attachment, so you can be sure you're getting an enticing value, this Handheld Garment steamer is first-rate for steaming up your to-go bag! It presents an attached crease attachment that makes it effortless to steam up your clothes. The steamer is furthermore and wrinkle resistant, this device is designed to steam hot clothes and other products that are difficult to steam over a regular iron. The Rival steamer clothes steamer is sensational for this purpose, the steamer can be attached to a fabric brush crease attachment or a stand. The Rival steamer can also be used stand up if desired, this device is often used on top of the dishwasher to as a protection for hot dishes. The steamer wand is a sterling way to clean and meanwhile, keeps your clothes searching and feeling like new, the Handheld garland renders a simple design that makes it facile to use, and each attachment allows for 4 washes.