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Pyrex Glass Food Steamer

The Pyrex Glass Food steamer is a best-in-class tool for cooking or heating up food, it have several heaters which make it fantastic for different tasks. The steamer also extends a small vented lid which makes it basic to keep track of the cooking process.

Pyrex Glass Food Steamer Ebay

This Pyrex Glass Food steamer is terrific for removing Food from your baking dish, the steamer grants a deep scalloped edge that makes it straightforward to remove Food from the dish. The 10 handles make it basic to get to Food without taking off the top of the dish, the Pyrex Glass Food steamer is a practical substitute to cook up to 20 dishes at a time from pyrex- insulation- covered dishes. The steamer can also be used to bake cupcakes, cake and a variety of foods including cookies, pies and other pastries, this steamer is in like manner sensational for use up old dishes or to produce delicious Food like roasting a turkey or baking a cake. This beautiful Pyrex Glass Food steamer is an excellent choice to create a casserole dish from an old england recipe, it comes with a few simple steps and can be used to steam or poach food, like an egg casserole. This is a vintage Pyrex Glass Food steamer, it is crimped edge 9 12 fluted handles with edges. It is in peerless condition with no flaws, this steamer gives a few small issues but overall it is in beneficial condition. This steamer can clean easily and is straightforward to hold and use.