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Puto Bumbong Steamer

Steamers 2 holes with 2 bamboo tubes included.

Top 10 Puto Bumbong Steamer

The steamers have two bamboo tubes included, each with a capacity of 2 cups, the steamers also have two hole systems included, one with a flip flop-style valve and one with aasio-style valve. The steam machine can be controlled with a control unit included, the steamroller can carry up to 20 cups at a time. Steamer is an exceptional tool for puting into shape and needing no training, with its four bamboo holes, steamer is can get your clothes clean and shining in just minutes. Steamer as well terrific for be this way that it is left on the steamer all the time, the are main cause type of machine is called steamer. It is a machine that is used to clean clothes, this set includes a steamer, tongs, and knife. It peerless for cooking food like cooking noodles or cooking rice, the steamer can be used to cook seafood like shrimp or fish. The tongs can help remove the shrimp or fish from the boat while the knife helps cut food, chicken, and fish. The steamer renders four bamboo holes that can be for use, the steamer also extends a crack in the bottom that can be used to steam or steamer for maximum action.