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Pursteam Steamer

Pursteam is an 1400-watt steamer that fast heat-up portable, it's first-rate for clothes wrinkle remover fast heat-up. With pursteam, you can speed up your clothes wrinkle remover process by using the hot air balloon technology to remove wrinkles quickly from clothes.

Brand New Inbox, Pur Steam, portable steam cleaner handheld steamer
For Clothes, Heavy Duty Fabric Steamer W/ Fabric Brush

PurSteam - Steamer For Clothes,

By PurSteam World's Best Steamers


W/ Fabric Brush & Garment Hanger

Pur Steam Heavy Duty Fabric



PurSteam Therma Pro 211 Steam Mop Cleaner, White/Blue USED - Tested

Pursteam Steamer Ebay

The Pursteam garment steamer is a powerful fabric steamer that features a fabric brush for gentle and quick steaming, this steamer is unrivalled for gentle steaming fabrics and is equipped with two features for straightforward use: one for steam collections and one for care. The garment steamer can steaming fabrics up to 50 oz), the Pursteam steamer is a powerful steamer that was designed for clothes. It can steaming clothes for a longer period of time, ensuring that your clothes are cooked evenly and beautifully, the Pursteam steamer is likewise straightforward to use, making it a top way for an individual digging for a powerful steamer. The steamer can reach temperature of 30 degrees fahrenheit, this steamer is good for youngers who ache to cloth. The steamer can also from the surface of the clothing, the Pursteam garment steamer is an exceptional accessory for the clothing lover. This steamer is designed to handle 4 levels of steam, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product, the heavy duty body means that brand new pur steam, portable steam cleaner handheld steamer is will be able to handle more than suitable models for this task.