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Prepworks Fish & Veggie Microwave Steamer

Is a new, progressive prep work company that free from the heavy use of bpa this gives your kitchen of being new and innovative.

Prepworks Fish & Veggie Microwave Steamer Walmart

This steamer is outstanding for cooking large pieces of seafood like Fish or vegetables, it is bpa free and comes with a steam wand to create a beautiful cooked meal. The steamer can be used for both top and bottom cooking, so it's top-notch for busy family meals, this package comes with a Microwave large fish, vegetable steamer and jar of their delicious sauce. This package is unequaled for enthusiasts who itch for a quick and uncomplicated meal that includes many different flavors! This steamer is best-in-the-class for cooking large amounts of food quickly and easily, it can handle a top-rated deal of water and is bpa free. It comes with a cleaning brush and toiletry bag, this large, hoffman-style steamer is sensational for cooking small degrees of water over a self-cleaning thermal cupboard door on a single heat setting. The Fish & Veggie Microwave steamer ensures that your seafood is cooked evenly and quickly, so you can focus on other things.