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Oster Food Steamer 5711

The Oster Food steamer 5711 two-tiered Food rice cooker vegetable white is a splendid way for people who adore food, this rice cooker provides two tiered cooking functionality, with the ability to cook Food either onion or garlic-+4 large onions. It is further being offered at a lower price for enthusiasts who are digging for a dish that is hearty and flavorful.

- Replacement Electric Base Only, Tested Works
5711 - 2-tier 6 Quart Food Steamer, White

Oster Food Steamer 5711 Manual

This is a splendid condition Oster Food steamer, it is moreover best-in-class for cooking food. This steamer offers an 6 quart capacity, it is produced of heavy-grip plastic and extends a comfortable handle. It can keep your cook at arm's reach all day long, this Oster Food steamer is valuable for strained ingredients such as chicken, fish, and vegetables. The 2-tier 6-quart capacity can handle up to 2 layers of ingredients without cluttering up your kitchen, the steamer also reaches up to 12 cups this stovetop Food steamer is straightforward to operate and basic on your kitchen floor. This Oster 2 tier 6 quart Food steamer 5711 with 10 cup rice bowl is excellent for cooking large batches of food, the Oster steamer is large enough to cook rice, and the 10 cup rice bowl makes it uncomplicated to get your Food to taste like it was never cooked before. This Oster Food steamer 5711 is unrivalled for your kitchen, this 2-tier 6 quart Food steamer is top-quality for processing food. It is produced of top-quality materials and it arrived promptly, the Food steamer is sure to leave your kitchen windowsill with its and prevacid-based cleaning technology. Buy now and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75.