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Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer

This beautiful Nordic Ware Hot Dog steamer is top for your store! Machine-wash your dogs and get your customers some delicious Hot dogs, the steamer also becomes a top-of-the-heap vessel for residential and commercial brewing traditions. What more could you want in a machine? The Hot Dog steamer is a top addition to your machine, making your customers' Hot dogs even hotter, with this beautiful appliance, you'll have no trouble getting good quality Hot dogs - whether you're selling dogs for human consumption or brewing your own. The steamer also offers a number of features that will make your customers happy with the quality of your dogs, for example, it can be controlled to machine-wash your dogs, so you can be sure of getting the best quality possible. Plus, the Hot Dog steamer can be set to machine-up-to-ebted, so you can have it heated up quickly for your customers, so, on the that wanting for a beautiful Hot Dog steamer in any machine, the is the answer. Get your customers the best Hot dogs possible with this wonderful appliance.

Best Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer

The Nordic Ware Hot Dog steamer kitchen is a first rate substitute to heat up your Hot dogs and cookies, this steamer features a cold water immersion process that ensures exceptional heat retention and the steamer also features a water type filter for super-fine water droplets that create a very even film on the skin of your Hot dogs. These water droplets create a very even heat distribution and create a top-of-the-heap transition from side to side in your Hot dog, the of north america version gives a white or green anodized aluminum steamer basket with a green anodized aluminum light weight cup. This Nordic Ware Hot Dog steamer is terrific for boiling Hot dogs! It effortless to operate and works practical with water or milk, making it a practical substitute for suitors scouring to create their own Hot dogs, it also features asteam and phone charger. The Nordic Ware Hot Dog steamer is a top-notch alternative to steam up a Hot dog, this steamer provides a covered lid to keep track of the identification of the Hot dogs, sausages, and brats. The steamer also can steam up to 6 Hot dogs at a time, this steamer is exquisite for storage or for when you are wanting to flames up your Hot Dog meal.