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Non Toxic Food Steamer

Non-toxic Food steamer that is further a two-function model, steamed egg steamer will clean your food, so it is healthy and safe for you and your family. This bad boy comes with a two-function safety feature, which is the ability to steam through Food too.

Non Toxic Food Steamer Amazon

The Non Toxic Food steamer is splendid for screaming goodbye to your food, it comes with a function, so you can safely step away from your eggs. The silicone material is Non toxic, while the Food safe part of the steamer makes it facile to clean, this line of non-toxic cooking pouched steamers is sterling for busy kitchens that admire their cooking, but don't want to handle a gas cooker or oven. The 50 parts are reusable, and the cooking pouch content doesn't worry about harmful chemicals like bpa or lead, the black and blue design on the pouch will match your kitchen's color scheme, and the pouch also comes with an one-year warranty. This powerful 3-in-1 lunch box is an excellent substitute to keep your Food cold or hot all day long, it includes an 2-inch portability and power of 3 years that can keep your Food cold or hot for 200 hours on 3 low heat settings. The 2-inch size is practical for small spaces or communities where people cannot have too much cold food, this non-toxic Food steamer is top for busy restaurants who desiderate the convenience of 3-in-1 Food editorially. The cooking pouch presents a built-in steam pack that will do the job of cooking your food, this pouch is non-toxic and extends a c for bpa free products. The 100 stand-up steam bags can cook Food in any quantity you need them to.