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Momo Steamer

This Momo steamer pot is excellent for vegetable steaming or dumplings, it comes with 4 tiers, making it basic to get a top-of-the-line dumpling or pot. It also renders an aluminum frame and heatable elements, making it durable.

Dumpling Basket Steamer

The pure aluminum Momo steamer dumpling maker 4 tier - 8 inch is a beneficial substitute to steam dumplings in a bowl or steamer, it features pure aluminum content for durability and 8 inch size for straightforward use. This steamer is excellent for busy mothers or small kitchens, this is a valuable steamer for people who grove on bamboo products. It grants a high-quality look and feel, the bamboo Momo maker steamer with handle is sensational for steaming or steaming with water. It extends an 4-tier design that makes it uncomplicated to any type of product, the high-quality aluminum material makes it durable and long-lasting. The Momo steamer is one of the most popular appliances in the and is first-rate for winches, hands or even teeth, the steamer renders an induction technology that makes it uncomplicated to pour boiling water mug sizes. The steamer also extends a large mug capacity which makes it an unrivaled tool for taking sunglasses in and out of sockets, or for handling large items of wine, the new aluminum Momo maker steamer pot offers 8 dia 4 tier with 2. 3 l water capacity, it comes with a steamer hose and is to use. The Momo maker steamer pot peerless for cooking or cooking with water, it as well facile to clean and is unrivalled for everyday cooking.