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Microwave Egg Steamer

This wonderful Microwave Egg cooker grants everything you need to make eggs in the oven or in the forge, the steamer and cooker work together to cook up eggs perfectly, ensuring that every Egg is cooked to perfection. The excellent tool for timing and cooking eggs, the Egg cooker is likewise effortless to operate and makes making eggs a breeze.

Perfectly Cooks Eggs

Egg Pod - Microwave Egg

By Unbrand


Perfectly Cooks Eggs And Detac

Egg Pod - Microwave Egg

By Haudang


1/2 Pack Microwave Double Cup Eggs Poacher BPA Free Cookware Egg Cooker Steamer
Kitchen Cookware

Ball Shape Microwave 4 Eggs

By TheSiliconValley


Portable Cooks Eggs Tool

Cheap Microwave Egg Steamer

This is a sensational Microwave Egg steamer for people who ache to cook eggs in the safe and harmless alternative as possible, the steamer fits for 4 of the types of eggs, and can cook them at a time so that they are always cooked without pyrex eggs being overcooked. The 4 capacity means that you can always have some eggs cooked on the next time you want to eat them, the safe harmless Microwave Egg boiler cooker steamer kitchen cook tool 4 capacity is further first-rate for folks who ache to cook eggs without any done to their eggs, and who itch to be able to cook them quickly and easily without having to worry about pain of pyrex eggs. This safe Egg steamer is a ball shape steamer that is designed to be used in the kitchen to steam eggs, the steamer is capable of steaming eggs and it provides a safe Egg boil indicator to ensure no heat is lost while steaming eggs. The steamer is further handheld friendly so it is straightforward to adopt and can be used for multiple eggs steaming tasks, the Egg pod is a part of themicrowave Egg boiling Egg cooker and is terrific for steaming eggs. The pod is fabricated of durable materials and effortless to clean, this cooker is enticing for a shopper who wants to cook eggs in a microwave. The mic Microwave Egg steamer is a top-of-the-heap way to steam foods without the hassle of cooking them yourself, this steamer comes with two so you can easily keep track of the length of time you want to food. The mic Microwave Egg steamer also features a built in cookbook which will provide you with recipes that are for both standard and large steamed subjects.