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Leather Steamer Trunk

This Leather steamer Trunk is enticing for storing all of your clothing, it's sturdy and fits very well, making it outstanding for storage or moving. The dark brown Leather is keeping your clothes searching fresh for many years yet.

Vintage Leather Steamer Trunk

This vintage Leather steamer Trunk gives the pair of made in maine Leather handles, it is in top-notch condition and only provides a few small repairs. This Trunk can easily be repaired and used again, this Leather steamer Trunk is brand new and outstanding for your laundry room. The Trunk is with wood hangers and drawers, making it a sensational place to keep your clothes and other supplies, the Trunk is furthermore large enough to hold your detergent, towels, and other supplies. This this Leather steamer Trunk is original and early 1800 s - it renders a barrel dome top and is covered in old-world art, it's is covered in and extends a few small chips and cuts, but it's a beautiful steamer trunk. It's in excellent condition and is excellent of hot water, the Trunk is further excellent for washing laundry or clothes. This Leather steamer Trunk chest provides a dome top and is manufactured from hardboard material, the top is manufactured from a different material that grants hard to find color. The chest offers several straps and clips to keep it in place, there is a small hole in the top for a mirror. The chest is in like manner covered in Leather and woodgrain, and imparts a rich brown color, this steamer Trunk chest is a valuable addition to each room, and is an unrivaled value for the price.