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Groen Steamer

This intek double steamer is practical for cleaning or steaming clothes, the soft, silicone grease recipe means it won't leaves your clothes feeling greasy and cool. The two-tone blue and yellow colors make it basic to tell which is which.

Groen Hyper Steamer

The ssb-5 g is a medium-sized gas convection steamer that is designed to work with homes and businesses of small spaces, the steamer is controlled by a central board with an electric motor to ensure smooth flow of gas and liquid across a room. The steamer grants a capacity of 5 gal and can be operated at a speed of 1-1/2 the steamer is a powerful water steamer that can move water up to 4" per minute, it gives a conical head that peninsula used to monitor its water flow and it grants an 3" diameter head that is first-rate for moving water. This steamer is used for rich, sweet grape wines, it is further top-rated for unglazed wine or dry wine that needs a lot of flavor. The steamer is produced of plastic with a mesh filter to catch the wine's juices and it provides a heatproof lid, the ssb-5 g steamer is a water-based steamer that is able to perform up to 50% effortless steam on clothes without the use of any additional equipment. The steamer is likewise uncomplicated to clean with a simple cleaning regimen.