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Goyard Steamer Trunk

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Goyard Steamer Trunk Amazon

This vintage antique steamer Trunk louis vuitton style is a sturdy, but simple, structure, it is produced and is forge-plated with a black anodize. It presents a small, catchy entrance handle, the steamer is vacuum-sealed with a front mesh junction box and an it grants a 'steaming' light and a 'goyard' handle. The steamer is interconnected with other steamers by a number path, this steamer Trunk is from the 20 th century and complete with all the original features including the antique vintage monogram steamer Trunk louis vuitton suitcase 19 th this steamer Trunk is a beneficial addition to your collection and is exquisite for use for an age-old function like steam cleaning. This steamer Trunk is from the 20 th century and is fabricated from louis vuitton suitcases, it is a beautiful piece and is a first rate gift for any louis vuitton fan! This steamer Trunk is a rare example of an antique french wardrobe steamer trunk. This Trunk is fabricated of brass and wood it is in excellent condition, it offers a green and black oilcloth cover and is about 12" tall. The Trunk is be older than times as it is produced from wood and brass, this is a peerless addition to each collection.