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Excelsior Steamer Trunk

Our Excelsior steamer Trunk key is a top-grade value for the price you pay, this key is in first-class condition and is a top-of-the-line addition to your old steamer trunk. Our key is fabricated of metal and is upgradeable to 4 digits, this key is likewise uncomplicated to operate and is a fantastic value for the price. We highly recommend this key for a shopper hunting for an affordable and top of the line key.

Excelsior Steamer Trunk Amazon

The Excelsior x 141 steamer Trunk key is an old but still working Excelsior steamer Trunk key, this key is produced out of metal and is with many other steamer trunks around the world. This key is only about 7 inches long but can be used to open the blade on a criminal or to remove clothes from a dead body, this key is marc by Excelsior and presents the x 141 logo on the front. This steamer Trunk key is very unique and is a top-grade addition to all collection, this is a splendid vintage steamer Trunk key cut for that old-school feeling. The steamer Trunk key cut is an one-of-a-kind opportunity to purchas this elderly steamer Trunk key, this steamer Trunk key is in excellent condition and is a sensational addition to all collection. This Excelsior lock is an exceptional alternative for a Trunk or steamer, it is produced of hammered brass and features a history of excelsior. The knob at the top is turned to 5 revolutions per minute and the handle is seriously comfortable to hold, this steamer is excellent for steaming up to-the-inch paper or other thick file material. The Excelsior lock is available in multiples to tailor any steamer size, this sterling silver steamer is designed to give your office the age-sparing look and feel. The duration steamer is completed with a steamy water droplet ferrari logo, it is sure to give your team a scouring good of her own.