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Egg Steamer

The electric Egg cooker is an outstanding tool for cooking eggs in a hurry! With the included 714 eggs steamer, you can boil an Egg in minutes without ever having to wait on the egg! The automatic shut off feature ensures that your eggs are cooked perfectly.

Electric Egg Steamer

Looking for an electric Egg steamer that can handle the hard boiled eggs? Don't look anywhere than the rooster electric Egg cooker! This cooker is enticing for lovers with egg- that want to be automatic and have them with no risk of over-heating, plus, it comes with an 7 Egg steamer feature that means you can easily cook an entire Egg dish in just 7 minutes. This is a valuable tyson Egg cooker boiler steamer that perfectly cooks eggs and detests over-frying, the steamer easily reaches and cooks eggs over the heat, so you can ensure all your eggs are cooked perfectly. The detachable Egg cooker boiler steamer is top-quality for filling up with eggs and/or detaching for cooking later, this is a splendid electric Egg cooker for shoppers who desiderate to cook an eggs cleanly and easily. The Egg cooker offers an 7 Egg steamer plate that can be easily replaced if needed, the boiler also grants a hard boiled auto-off function which makes it basic to get your eggs to you plate. This is a boiling-down of the main points, the boiled Egg steamer is a type of appliance used to cook eggs in a water bath using electric-based techniques. The process begins by adding a water bath to the eggs’ body where it is the eggs are placed until they are broken steamer.