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Dim Sum Steamer

The Dim Sum steamer is a new, effortless to adopt steamer for your products, this steamer is specially designed to-go unit that can be attached to your fridge or freezer to provide superior steaming power. The steamer airlock door allows for basic replacement of your which always an important aspect of the steamer is moreover equipped with a steel mesh filter to e-bacteria.

Stainless Steel Dim Sum Steamer

The stainless steel Dim Sum tier baskets are top-rated for steam-teaming up with others in the group to make delicious Dim sum! The tier baskets make it straightforward to handle and are best-in-class for busy parents or students, Dim Sum steamers is a new commercial product by stainless steel steamer company, this business offers 10 stainless steel steamer food service Dim Sum steamers. These steamer’s can be used for eaters who covet to enjoy their Dim Sum meal over a steaming plate or end its over a stove, this metal Dim Sum steamer is valuable for cooking rice, noodles, or anything else you can find digging for a steaming surface. It provides an 10 inch basket to tailor any size pot and a bamboo steamer train adding some extra durability, the steamer also comes with a paulo's no-knead bread & bowling recipe book and a no-knead bread bible. This electric Dim Sum steamer set is superb for people scouring for an alternative to add Dim Sum to the table easily, the steamer is loaded with features and can handle large quantities of Dim sum. The set also includes a plastic container to store leftover Dim sum, making it an enticing for end users who desiderate to keep their Dim Sum items on the table.