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Couscous Steamer Pots

John west steam pot tuna with soy ginger Couscous 150 g - pack of 6 is a practical way to start your meal, this set of six steam pot tuna with soy ginger Couscous 150 g - pack of 6 will get you into the mood for couscous.

Couscous Steamer Pot

This Couscous steamer pot peerless for cooking up a lot of Couscous for a big meal, the large pot can handle a lot of liquid, and the non-stickuki surface makes it facile to get the Couscous puree moving. The bourdon system ensures even cooking, and the spout makes it effortless to top up the pot with water, looking for a delicious substitute to pack dinner and make the most of your trip to france? Then you'll grove on john west steam pot tuna with soy & ginger & Couscous (150 - pack of 6 steamer is pot of tuna with chilli, garlic and Couscous 150 g - pack of 2. The tuna is simmered in and with all of your favorite ingredients making it an unrivaled platform to show your culinary skills and have some fun with your social life, this 3-piece Couscous steamer pot is exquisite for putting all your favorite ingredients in the pot for a delicious Couscous dish. The unique setting is dandy for serving in a setting or as a gift, this pot is in like manner ideal for use on a steam table. This 3-piece Couscous pot is practical for steaming vegetables! The high-quality pot will make you a delicious Couscous dinner each and every time.