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Copper Chef Steamer

The Copper Chef steamer tray is top-rated for your coffee and tea blends, this steamer imparts a vented glass lid that makes it facile to keep track of what is in your steamer. The tray also grants a fryer-like grill design that can fry onions, garlic, and other vegetables, the tray also holds up to 7 cups of coffee or 9 cups of tea. This product is a top-of-the-line addition to your Copper Chef restaurant.

Top 10 Copper Chef Steamer

The Copper Chef steamer tray roast rack is outstanding for this tray fits 9, 5 square pan and imparts two legs that fit perfectly into the recess in the center of the tray. The tray is fabricated of Copper and is a first-rate addition to your Copper Chef skills, the Copper Chef xl fry basket is superb for cooking with ease and with this handle steamer tray, you will be able to cook with confidence. The top handle makes it effortless to move the basket around the pan while the steamer is working and it comes with a casserole insert for making warranty claims, the Copper Chef is an unrivaled electric egg maker that makes 14 auto steam eggs and a delicious cook. This steamer gives a large room for maximum of the air and is exquisite for large families, the unit is facile to operate and imparts aa large non-stick cooking surface. The Copper Chef is an excellent way for an individual searching for a large and efficient electric egg maker, this Copper Chef steamer tray is a first-rate set for the fryer or baking. It is non-stick and presents it is further lightweight so it can be carried around, it comes with a basket, towel, and water tank.