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Chinese Clay Steamer Pot

This great-looking Chinese Clay steam Pot is an unrivaled surrogate to add some warmth and flavor to your kitchen, this Pot comes with a first-class value too, because you Pot for free.

Top 10 Chinese Clay Steamer Pot

The Chinese Clay pottery stew steamer is a Pot that is used to cook seafood, it is fabricated from Chinese Clay and is fabricated toa steaming. The Pot imparts a qi (chinese name for a cooking pot) and is filled with water and left to heat up, when the water is full, the lid is placed on the Pot and the Pot is placed in the oven to heat up. When the Pot is done, the seafood is cooked and is served up on a plate, this is a vintage Chinese Clay steamer Pot that is in excellent condition with few used old used cracks and tears. The lid is land still mint and the Pot is very strong and sturdy, the Chinese red Clay is an unrivaled for cooking up a stew or yummy rice. The Pot is moreover exceptional for or cleaning up your kitchen, this steamer is from thered Clay pottery brand and is an 9-inch Pot that is produced from Chinese Clay pottery's popular cook pot. It is a top-grade tool for cooking food or cooking wet ingredients that are per pound, the Pot provides a red enameled Pot lid and is covered in french condition. It is again covered in Chinese condition, this steamer is from the Chinese style of cooking. It is a small, simple Pot that comes with a steamer base and a j-shaped top, the top is filled with red Clay and heated over a medium-high heat. This Pot is then used to steam onions, garlic, and other vegetables, the red Clay is smooth and facile to handle, and it does a sensational job steaming.