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Car Steamer

This Car steam cleaner is top-quality for shoppers who covet to clean their cars in a hurry! It comes with an 1500 watt heavy duty steam engine that can clean for up to four hours, the steamer also gives an 1. 5 inch long bar that can clean all surfaces in the car, this steamer is conjointly compatible with all types of Car materials such as filters, belts, and oil.

High Temperature Steamer

The Car steam cleaner is a powerful tool that is used to clean surfaces such as cars, booths, leather, and window steamer, the tool can be used for a high pressure water and carbon dioxide vacuum cleaner that damage the surface. This steamer is powerful and can clean the surface in a short time, the tool also imparts a dirt pressure machine that can help to reduce the dirt and sand that is build up on the surface. This powerful, handheld steamer is splendid for detailers who inks don't care about if you're digging for a steamer that can quickly and easily clean your Car of any debris, Car portable detailing steam cleaner vehicle auto dirt removal cleaning is the steamer for you! The 1050 w model features an automatic shut-off that keeps the steamer running long hours, while the black color and felt-covered shoulder strap make it uncomplicated to take with you wherever you go, the portable steamer for Car cleaning is a top way to keep your Car clean without leaving the comfort of your home. The steamer is lightweight and uncomplicated to carry with you wherever you go, it can clean both the inside and the outside of a car. The steamer can clean the grill, the the decal, and other marks and damage, the steamer can also clean the inside partition between the seats and the backseat. Our portable steamer for auto detailing is top for folks who yearn to get the most from their auto detailing treatments, it is facile to handle and can be used for a variety of other tasks such as carpet cleaning, window upholstery and dirt pressure machine use.