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Adcraft Hot Dog Steamer

The Adcraft hds-1300 w100 100 Hot Dog steamer is an exceptional alternative to stoke your Hot Dog baking skills, this steamer is produced out of steel with a standard 120 v input. The steamer renders a large format view for your baking tasks, the steamer also features an alcohol brush nodal position for perfecting your staining. The steamer comes with a case for your convenience.

Cheap Adcraft Hot Dog Steamer

The Adcraft hds-1300 w100 is a powerful Hot Dog steamer that can cool large quantities of Hot dogs and bun steamed goods, the steamer renders an automated lettable system that ensures your Hot Dog or bun is steamed evenly. The steamer is moreover heated by the user's hand, so there is no risk of food burning, the steamer can hold up to 100 cups of Hot Dog or 20 cups of bun. The Adcraft hds-1300 w is a new Hot Dog steamer electric table top bun storage that is first-rate for Adcraft businesses, this steamer is dandy for freshening up your lunchtime menu or storage for the next day. With its automated controls and controls blinked by hand, new Hot Dog steamer is brushing and cleaning your bun settings are straightforward with this steamer, the bun steamer is an electric steamer that is first-rate for shops or businesses who wish to save on power and keep their costs under control. The Adcraft Hot Dog steamer is a first-class substitute to keep your steamed beef or chicken in splendid condition! It comes with a table top bun storage area and steams real hot, making it a top-grade surrogate for busy businesses or for cooking, the Adcraft Hot Dog steamer is an enticing value for the money. It comes with a steamer wand and Dog steamer, it can steaming or manual ashes and dogs. This is a fantastic steamer for people who crave to make their Hot dogs more? and more? The Adcraft Hot Dog steamer is outstanding for making Hot dogs, it renders a long arm with a pvc divergence and a medium range. The Adcraft Hot Dog steamer is a120 volt steamer.